All Their Dreams



“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove……
but the world may be different
because I was important in the life of a child.”
-Forest E. Witcraft



All Their Dreams

“I want to be a painter.” said the little boy of three,
“Oh.” said the dad “Then a painter you shall be.”
“You’ll paint shapes and sky, squiggly lines and maybe some trees.”
“You’ll be the best painter, a painter could ever be.”

“I am going to be a train driver.” he said at the age of four.
“Oh.” said his dad. “You’ll do that and so much more.”
“You’ll take people here and there to places they need to go.”
“You’ll be the best train driver that anyone would ever know.”

At the age of six he said “I want to be a clown.”
“Oh.” said his dad. “You’ll be the best in town.”
“You’ll make people smile, they will laugh inside and out.”
“You’ll be the best clown that was ever about.”

“I am going to be a super hero. ” he said at the age of eight.
“Oh.” said his dad  “That is really, really great!”
“People will be safe and you’ll come to save the day.”
“You’ll be the best super hero that ever came our way.”

“I want to be a baseball player,” He said at the age of nine.
“Oh.” said his dad. “I think that would be just fine.”
“You’ll catch fly balls, hit home runs, play on grass that is so green.”
“You’ll be the best baseball player that anyone has ever seen.”

Years went by and his little boy was a young man college bound.
“I want to be a doctor.” “Oh.” said his dad. “You’ll be the best around.”
“You will help people get healthy through your working day.”
“You’ll be the best doctor.” “That’s what people will say.”

Time would pass and the son came home, his wife at his side.
“I am going to be a dad.” he said with a little bit of pride.
“Oh.” said his dad “What a wonderful dad you’ll be.”
“Children will fill your days with joy, just you wait and see.”
“Together you’ll paint pictures of the sky, of shapes and trees.”
“You’ll see the world through their eyes and know anything can be.”
“You’ll take your children here and there, wherever they need to go.”
“You will make your children laugh and have so much fun you know.”
“When they are sick you will help make them well, and guide them along the way.”
“You will be their super hero and often save the day.”
“You’ll catch fly balls, hit home runs and play on grass that is so green,
but one of the greatest things you will ever do is inspire all their dreams.”

Shirley S.  Johnson

Share some of the things in the comments or on Facebook  that your family members wanted to be when they grew up?

Busy Life Pause:

                                                                       Every day we are given an opportunity to be an inspiration to someone.                                                                          

    One word can inspire someone.

This week with just a few words inspire or encourage someone.

                   Enjoy Family moments!


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  1. My boys are dreaming of being baseball players right now, so the glove image captured me! This is beautiful and so timely! May I be an encourager to my kids today and always! Thank you for your words!

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