Grandpa’s Mealtime Prayer


                                                        ……;and be ye thankful.                                                                 -Colossians 3:15

  Grandpa’s Mealtime Prayer

The aroma of Thanksgiving filled the fall time air,

Then grandma said “Grandpa, will you say the mealtime prayer?”

As everyone gathered together in the family dining hall,

The sweet aroma of grandpa’s prayer would fill the hearts of all.

He said “Lord my heart is filled with joy as I look back upon my life,

how you gave me the truest friend, and she is my beautiful wife.”

“How my family is so much more than a portrait on a wall,

each one uniquely designed for a purpose and a call.”

“How every moment gathered through the course of time,

Is part of that wonderful and incredible design.”

“How every step we take are ones that YOU ordain,

the bright sunny steps or ones that step through rain.”

“Lord my heart fills with joy when I think about your WORD,

and how it  had changed me from the very moment that I heard.”

“I am thankful for the silly moments that the grandchildren do,

 their laughter and their giggles remind me that each day is new.”

 I thank you for this feast set before my eyes,

 the turkey  the dressing and the apple pie,

 I thank you for the vegetables, the bread and the gravy in the bowl,

 but most of all I thank you for your WORD,

 the food that has been nourishment to my soul.”

Shirley  S. Johnson

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!