It’s not Perfect

   Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.
             Proverbs 4:23 MSG

I sewed  a quilt block for Quilted Prayers.
When I finished stitching the pieces together I noticed

one of the blocks was not quite aligned with the others. I was going to get the seam ripper and do it over.
.I even thought about making an entirely new block.

Why I Chose Not To

My thoughts went back to a time I was in a church service. A woman was playing a worship song on the piano.
It sounded beautiful.  Everyone in the service enjoyed her piano playing and singing.
At the end of the service I went to compliment her on her playing.

She said “Thank you, but did you hear that one note?”

I said “No,no, I didn’t. It was beautiful.” It was.
I understand that musicians,artists and athletes often hear or see things in their performance that a lay person wouldn’t.

  • How often in our everyday life do we  criticize ourselves?
  • How often when someone compliments us do we jump to point out the flaw?

Have you ever been distracted by a little negativity that took your eyes off the good?

            Busy Life Pause

This week if you find yourself speaking negative words,


Guard your ears and your heart from listening or speaking negative words.
Think on good things.

The world is full of critics.
Be kind to yourself.

Have a great week!