Oh How We’d Laugh


Oh How We’d Laugh

My childhood memories sometime echo to me,

reflections of joy, hope and laughter I see.

Oh how we’d laugh.

Mama would often share stories and rhymes,

and sometimes be silly, just silly at times.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

Sometimes with my children I make that same silly look,

the stories I tell are on the I-Pad or Nook.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

Mama made cookies “From scratch.” she’d say.

She’d make mixing and stirring seem like play.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

The cookies I make well we slice and bake,

we make a milk mustache while we take a break.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

Mama would always gather up family and friends,

“Stay connected.” She said “Never let that end.”

Oh, how we’d laugh

So today I had face time with an old friend,

a tweet from my sister and a text from aunt Jen.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

When mama’s dinner was nothing too hard,

she’d say “Sandwiches and chips are a picnic in the yard.”

Oh, how we’d laugh.

Our family picnics are on the living room floor,

we have so much fun just like before.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

I remember those days as the years have gone by,

I see mama’s sparkle in my little boy’s eyes.

Oh, how we’d laugh.

Shirley S. Johnson


When was the last time you remember laughing?

Busy Life Pause:

This week  find time to connect with a family member and share some joyous  memories. Share your ideas for great family moments in the comments.

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing…..                                    

  Proverbs 17:22 (AMP)

2 thoughts on “Oh How We’d Laugh

  1. This hit me hard. I am trying to make a home for my husband and me. It’s nothing like what either of us had growing up, but that ok. We are making our own home and our own traditions. Great post.

    • The Writer's Steps says:

      Thank you. It is so great that you are starting your own traditions.
      That’s one of the great things about being a family. Cherish all the moments in life.

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