Patchwork Prayers




by Shirley S. Johnson

Momma stayed up late when we went to bed.

Sewing patchwork prayers for the roads ahead

She saved clothes, fabric, buttons and thread,

Stitching them together, spoken prayers were said.

Speaking words of faith, the promises she’s heard,

Speaking the blessings flowing from God’s Word.

We’d hear the prayers when she thought we were asleep,

Listening so quietly and we would never make a peep.

Through the seasons of my life the prayers I did embrace,

Through her patchwork prayers I learned of God’s grace.

Now I stay up late when my children go to bed.

Sewing patchwork prayers for their roads ahead.

2 thoughts on “Patchwork Prayers

  1. This is beautiful, Shirley. The fabric of our mothers gently, boldly, lovingly flow into the next generation and, hopefully, the next.

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